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15 Times Kim Kardashian’s Klaws Kame Out

Being a Kardashian isn’t always sunshine and selfies. Kim Kardashian has had her fair share of feisty feuds and vicious clapbacks over the years. From random social media trolls to A-listers such as Drake and Taylor Swift, the reality star does not hold back when it comes to taking on the haters.
In fact, Kardashian lets criticism roll right off her back. “I used to look at everything and anything and have Google Alerts and just get so upset and go home and cry after something mean being said,” she described at The Girls’ Lounge dinner in September 2016. “And now there is nothing anybody can say that can even rattle me.”
She added: “It’s a little bit sad that that’s the time you live in that people can say the meanest, nastiest things and you can be OK with it.”
Kardashian attributed her thick skin to husband ……

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