10 Things From The 2000s That Millennials Forgot About

1. Needing several CDs to install just one game.

Just when you thought the “please insert floppy disk #35” days were over.

A open case for the Sims 2 containing four CD-roms.

2. Being skeptical of John Edward’s abilities while getting an eerie feeling that he may in fact be talking to dead people.

A screengrab of John Edwards in leather jacket on the set of "Crossing Over with John Edward"

3. The classical iPod headphones.

I hated these. They would hurt your ear and never fit in properly. What was more infuriating was the indifference most had to their terribly painful design.

Picture of an iPod Nano, an iTunes Music Card, and iPod headphones on top of the keyboards of Macbook.

4. iPod Socks

Can you believe this was a thing? What better way to preserve your battery life than to encase your iPod in another layer of warmth.

A row of iPod Socks on the shelf of an Apple Store.

5. The Geek Squad Beetle Crew

I had the ‘gift’ of refraining from mass downloading virus ridden software, so I never really needed these guys, but they did seem like your modern day heroes. Granny doesn’t know the concept of a power button? Not a worry, the Geek Squad is here to help.

A black and white Geek Squad Volkswagen Beetle parked outside a Best Buy.

6. Pre-iPhone iTunes Support

It was nice knowing that you could do more with your Nokia Brick than simply throwing it at a random object and watching the ensuing destruction.

Girl holding a Motorola phone with iTunes on home screen on it.

7. Ruehl No. 925

Basically a darker version of Abercrombie & Fitch. Same clothes, lower visibility. Now that I think about it, they may have been trying to hide the fact that their clothes were abysmal.

A very dark interior of a hallway of a Ruehl No. 925 store.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker As The Spokesperson for GAP

The video commercial were delightful to say the least. I wish modern commercials had that same thirst for enjoyment and creativity.

9. The SUDOKU Craze

Everyone was solving Sudoku puzzles on the morning and evening commute, in the dire hope that the problem-solving skills they acquired would rescue them from their dreadful 9 to 5.

A stock image of a person doing a Sudoku puzzle.

10. The Da Vinci Code

Thanks to the book, the History Channel was able to make over a decade of repetitive conspiracy-based content.

A bookstore window front displaying The Da Vinci Code.

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