The next generation of bullies

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The next generation of bullies

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16 responses to “The next generation of bullies”

  1. dougiefresha says:

    “FATTIES” runs away and they can’t do anything about it

  2. TallAndJewish says:

    Well at least they aren’t racist

  3. miasanmia says:

    Oh no, a fat person was mean to you once. Do you want to hear every single thing a slim person has EVER said to me?

  4. piggypiglet says:

    “..and playing videos games” – this makes me feel better about all the downvotes I got for saying I don’t play video games anymore…

  5. hougigo says:

    I bet when he looks down, he can see his penis

  6. 2093847590238745 says:

    I knew something seemed familiar

  7. brouges says:

    Everyone on Tumblr is religiously committed to social justice and “big is beautifulism”

  8. SalsaOreos says:

    There’s a whole very angry clique on Tumblr dedicated to people being EXTREMELY psychotically “comfortable” with being ‘that’ overweight.

  9. hette says:

    Tumblr’s an interesting place in which people who are fat are starting to question that it’s a bad thing.

  10. hette says:

    Not always. Social world’s a hard game, but it’s possible to be liked

  11. hette says:

    I feel like this is bullying. It’s demonisation. And straw-manning.

  12. IronsideSam says:

    welcome to the world of most overweight people. I’ve had the crap beat out of me for trying to workout by men and i’m born female. Yeah

  13. Citragon says:


  14. tarataqa says:

    I made the mistake of saying aloud “If I ever get to 200lbs, just shoot me in the head.” I was only one there under 200 in the first place

  15. draggonreaper says:

    Because now that being obese is labeled as an illness. Poor people can go in and get treated for it, and the tax payers end up paying.

  16. jasleiman says:

    This applies to the private care in the States as well as nationalized systems. Think of it like a run on a bank.

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